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Ahead of Print policy

Articles published online under the Ahead of Print model are considered published and can be cited and quoted using the DOI as the reference source. Wolters Kluwer Medknow has a policy that changes will not be made after publication of an article without following accepted procedures for making corrections to the scientific record.

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1.  In memory of Antonio Pezzano Master and Friend
1.  Left atrial angiosarcoma: A rare cardiac tumor at an uncommon
1.  The relationship between tumor necrosis factor alpha and left ventricular diastolic function
2.  QRS duration as a Predictor of left ventricular outflow tract velocity Time Integral in patient with cardiac resynchronization therapy
3.  Effect of obesity on pulmonary vascular hemodynamics
4.  Role of Q-waves ECG in myocardial scar assessment in patients with prior myocardial infarction
5.  Pilot Study to Predict Future Cardiovascular Events by Novel 4D- Echocardiography Global Area Strain in STEMI Patients Managed by Primary PCI
6.  Does aortic valve calcium score still predict death, cardiovascular outcomes and conductive disturbances after transcatheter aortic valve replacement with new-generation prostheses?
7.  Predictors of Spontaneous Echo Contrast in Left Heart Chambers in Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy: slowing down might not always mean enjoying life
8.  Discordant Echocardiographic Grading in Low Gradient Aortic Stenosis (DEGAS Study) From the Italian Society of Echocardiography and Cardiovascular Imaging Research Network: Rationale and Study Design Running title: DEGAS study
9.  Echocardiographic evaluation of Right Ventricular function and its role in prognosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
1.  Right atrial myxoma with coexistent coronary artery disease A rare combination
2.  Two Barricades In A Row - Mixed Lesions Of Dynamic Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction (DLVOTO) And Aortic Stenosis - Finding The Culprit for Decision Making
3.  Multimodality imaging for diagnosis and characterization of a cardiac hydatid cyst
4.  Citrobacter Freundii: A Cause of Cardiac Tamponade and Empyema Thoracis in a Nigerian Child.
5.  Pulmonary Embolism In Covid-19 Pneumonia: An Overlapping Diagnosis Or A Misdiagnosis?
6.  A 26-Year-Old Woman With Worsening Dyspnea: Look closer, think critically
7.  The importance of ultrasound in a case of stroke caused by left atrial myxoma.
8.  Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy masked by Takotsubo Syndrome: a case report
9.  A rare complication of implantable cardiac defibrillator placement